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As some other reviewers have noted, the time from the filing a claim form and the time it appears on their website is often two-four weeks, a bit on the long side for me. But, this is the problem: with all three of the claims I have submitted, I had to call them each time (usually about two weeks after initial fax), occasionally more than once, to make sure the info was received and to question why it hadn't be added to my account visible online. Most of the people I spoke with were very friendly and attempted to be helpful (with the very notable exception of one woman) but didn't always get the job done. Once a claim is visible in your account, it then takes them several more weeks to determine if all the required information was filed and/or is legible. In two of my cases they deemed my veterinarian's notes to be illegible and so I was back to square one again. In one case it has now been over six months and repeated phone calls to customer service have assured me everything is in order and I have not received email correspondence telling me otherwise but yet no payment (and this is a claim totaling less than $100.00). Despite customer service telling me payment would be forthcoming. While I agree that most of the customer service reps I have spoken with are very friendly and caring, there is a definite discrepancy between what they tell people and what really happens. Maybe it is a case of the US company growing too quickly and not being able to keep up with an in

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non-cancerous mass
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Under $100


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1 - 8

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