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When my eight year old Vizsla mix was diagnosed with multiple mast cell tumors, we were overwhelmed with worry about our beloved pet, but also worry about the cost of his care. Our plan with ASPCA covers 80% of "reasonable" costs. Since we live in a very expensive metro area,we were certain that 80% of "reasonable" would equate to about 15% of the actual cost. I was so pleased (and quite frankly surprised) to find that in total, about 65-70% of our costs were covered--certainly more than we have paid in premiums over the years. Also, the ability to submit the claim forms online and have them processed within a week or two was great. The customer service reps were very helpful whenever I called.

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Posted: 10/17/2009

Check out what others are saying about your insurance. Comments are saying that illnesses are not paid from year to year. What they pay one year becomes a pre-existing condition the next policy term. Check it out.