Great online access - but overall policy?

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Until we could no longer afford the monthly payment, we had the three pet family plan. Great coverage for the cost and they paid on time for everything. I really like the online access to check in on any current or past claims. The only negative I have with Petfirst is that they will catagorize an illness that happens one year into next years policy renewal as a pre-existing condition. That is why I will not use them in the future if we get pet insurance again. And that is why Overall rating is low. Otherwise I would give them a 10!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: 02/02/2010

Just an FYI, they classify "pre-existing conditions" the same way the other companies do. Be sure to read the fine print of the others, they won't tell you until you ask (this goes for all of them). Petfirst is very honest in stating what they cover and what they will not, it's clearly marked on their website. There is an option to include the "pre-existing conditions" under the petfirst policy, it's an add-on rider to the main policy.
I compared all the insurance companies available in my state, and only the 2 most expensive companies offered plans that included ongoing treatment. While I agree that these items should be covered, insurance companies are "for profit" and most likely not add this to their policies for some time...