VPI came through when Snarfel was diagnosed with L

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Although at other times, I wish the VPI coverage had been more generous, they have really come through for me this time. I am unemployed and my beloved mutt of 13 years was diagnosed with Lymphoma after I found two grape-sized lumps under her jaw. The choices were: 1. do nothing and her life expectancy would be 1 to 3 months, 2. Do minimal and her life expectancy would be 3 to 4 months or go full bore chemotherapy and expect her to be in remission for 12 months at least. I agonized about the decision, but then remembered that I had purchased the cancer rider for her. I called VPI and they were very nice and helpful. I decided to go ahead with the full schedule of chemotherapy. The oncologist estimated the total cost at $4000 to $5000 Over a 16 to 20 week period. With great trepidation, I sent in the claim for the first series of treatments for $1200. I got $1000 back. The second series cost $1000, I got $900 back (numbers are rounded). I was thrilled that the payments were quick and for more than I expected. Cancer is hard enough to deal with without worrying about the expense. I realize VPI has set reimbursement limits, and that I will reach my limit before her treatments are over, but they have been a God send so far. The representatives are always compassionate and extremely helpful. I recommend VPI to everyone I know who has pets.

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