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I have eight guinea pigs, which are still considered an "exotic" pet. (An exotic is anything other than a cat or dog.) VPI is the only insurer so far for exotics. They have constant health problems of one kind or another which have run up vet bills in the thousands. (Tens of thousands over the years.) I just got policies for seven of them. One has a heart condition and they wouldn't insure him. No doubt, VPI is a constant problem. If I had a dog or cat, I'd shop elsewhere. I have to appeal nearly everything. The maximum allowed cost can be nowhere near what is actually charged. They don't even cover some conditions at all. They seem to be on the constant look-out to deny claims. And the kicker I learned today is--the $50 deductible is for _every_ illness or condition. You don't just meet it once a year. On the other hand, customer service is very good. Reps are well-trained and extremely friendly. No matter how bad the policy is, getting some reimbursement re-coups the premiums and makes a dent in the ridiculous sums going toward vet care. If a had a dog or cat, though, you bet I'd find a better company.

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