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Having a very active 6 year old lab,I was always concerned with possible future hip/leg ailments. Our local newspaper ran a story about pet insurance,and this prompted me to investigate the different plans offered by various companies. After reviewing all my options, I decided on PetPlan,and purchased the policy on my very healthy lab,Kenya, in September. Just 2 months later,my husband and I awoke one morning to Kenya having a grand mal seizure. After a visit to the ER, and follow-up testing with our own vet, we were devasted to learn that Kenya has Active Chronic Hepatitis. Next came specialist visits, an ultrasound, and finally, a liver biopsy. Although her prognosis is poor,we are working with our specialist to keep her as healthy as we can as long as possble. PetPlan came through for us all the way. We have incurred several thousand dollars of bills to date so far and we will continue to have them. Petplan's response was fantastic. They processed my claims quickly and kept in touch with me by e-mail. I feel so lucky to have them on my side.

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