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According to Pet's Best, my credit card was denied 3 times in an attemp to pay one months payment of less than $29.00. On the day P.B. called my home to say my plan was about to be dropped she did not say that there had been 3 attempts. Assuming there was only one, I asked the customer service rep to try the card one more time as I had never had this happen with any of my credit cards. I also asked to PLEASE contact me immediately if there were any other problems with the card. She said everything would be fine and to disregard the letter I would receive stating thier intention to terminate my coverage. I only stumbled upon the fact that I no longer had coverage when I called Customer Service with a question about a claim I was about to submit. She rudely replied that I was no longer covered and could not submit a claim. So,I asked to speak to a magager, as I was shocked at this turn of events. The manager proceeded to lecture me based on what her employee had told her, not even giving me a chance to speak. When I did try to speak, she yelled over me and cut me off. After a great deal of thought I called back and spoke to a very nice sales rep. (I had decided to get a lawyer and stay with the plan in order to prove that I had no intention of not paying or having it dropped.) She stated that she would have to call me during their hours of operation the next day (Saturday) because the credit card system was down. She said to contact my credit card company and try to prove that it was the bank's mistake "to give you ammunition to prove to Customer Service that it was not your fault." Not only did my credit card company inform me that their computer showed no attempt was ever made to bill my card on the dates they claimed to do so, but that I had made several other purchases on the dates they claim to have attempted to bill me. Also, they confirmed what I had already known to be true, which was that I have an excellent credit history and a $9,000 credit limit! (No reason to even be denied!) Why would they not try to keep a good customer who has never made any claims over a simple miscommunication? Maybe because they saw that my dog was ten years old when I called to ask about my potential first claim. Maybe some of the customer service personnell are good and some need to be fired. All I know is, if Pets Best does not make this right, my children will lose their beloved pet much, much sooner because we cannot afford the claim we were about to make. I fear that even though we want to reinstate this insurance company, they will be able to say that there is now a pre-existing condition. Who would intentionally not pay on a policy, when their pet is 10 years old? I've never felt so cheated in my life!

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Posted: 02/21/2009

Wow, good to know. So when your pet reaches a certain age they may find any reason to drop you? This worries me.

Posted: 03/11/2009

Jesus im going through the same problem. They recently dropped my pet insurance and my pet is 11yrs old and will not reinstate my policy. I did file a complaint to the State Dept of Insurance. ITs BS... I have never in my life felt so cheated.

Posted: 03/20/2009

Wow I can't believe it. You should sue them. In the meantime switch to another insurance. There are some reviewed on here that do NOT discriminate on the dog's age nor congenital or pre-existing conditions. Research it like I am! Good luck to you and your dog!

Posted: 04/19/2009

Please see my new review submitted on 3/19/09, titled - They made things right. This was my initial review and my opinion has changed.