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My 3 yr old K9 tore his cruciate and his other knee was swollen which prevented him from using his back legs. Of course, it had to happen late Saturday night but my primary vet returned my call promptly. After hearing the symptoms, he referred me to an orthopedic specialist. Luckily I had meds to keep him quiet and comfortable. We got an an appointment with the orthpedic surgeon immediately who recommended surgery. Since my K9 is a large breed dog, the surgery required hinges and bone separation..$3900. I called PetPlan and was told a preauthorization ould be done and the claim would be paid within a week. I decided to go ahead with the surgery that day and start the claim process immediately. My K9 only saw my vet for wellness and shots. He has been heathly and sound. My vet as well as the surgeon FAX'd the necessary documents. My primary vet submitted twice since I got an alert that PetPlan was waiting for his docments. After two weeks with my claim status still indicating they could not pay, I called again and was told I had a $3900 claim and my vet only had sent only a wellness check and vaccination records. 'you can't expect us to pay with no records.' explaining that my vet was trying to save me money by not having me come in for a x-Ray that would most likely be repeated because he would refer me to a orthopedic surgeon anyway. The person I spoke to stated he would e-mail the underwriters. I had little faith that would result in PetPlan paying my claim. I contacted m

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Torn Cruciate
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Over $1000

Alaskan Malamute

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1 - 8

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