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TRUPANION IS THE ONLY INSURANCE WHEN IT COMES 2 PET INSURANCE!!! TRUPANION!!! TRUPANION!!! TRUPANION!!! There is nothing bad I could say about this company @ all, they were there when we needed sum1 the MOST!!! Both of our dogs got sick @ the same time, 3wks b4 x-mas, it was sooo stressfull 4 us & the kids, they were born on the youngest 1s b-day. Our male dog spent 10 days in the hospital & when it was time 2 get him his sister started showing the same signs, so they ended up admitting her, she spent 14 days in the hospital, our lil' girl never made it home, we had 2 put her down on x-mas eve so she was no longer in pain. The point 2 my story is that w/out trupanion we would NEVER have been given the chance 2 save our lil' boy nor a chance 2 TRY & save our lil' girl, the vets wanted $$$ up front but being on disability I don't have that kind of $$ so I asked him if he could call my insurance company & ask them if they could be billed directly, so they called, trupanion said of course & 1 dog was saved & our other 1 was @ least given a fighting chance, she may not have won, but she was given that chance, thanks 2 TRUPANION!!! TRUPANION R REAL HERO'S in our eye & 2 our dogs, yes DOGS, we just added a new baby 2 our family, we registered him w/trupanion instantly. TRUPANION IS THE ONLY WAY 2 GO WHEN IT COMES 2 PET INSURANCE!!!

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Renal (kidney)

no1 ever knew what was wrong, but we ended up loosing 1 of our sweet lil' baby on x-mas eve.
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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