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I have two rescue cats insured with VPI and am very happy with their service. A few months ago my 5 year old cat, Microdot, ingested a foreign body (some type of string). She began to be sick and I took her to my vet. She was, also, running a fever and stopped eating. After many tests and non-surgical treatments, my vet decided that surgery was the only thing that would save her. After the surgery she still wouldn't eat and had to hve 24/7 care over the weekend at our emergency vet. In all, it took a month at the vet before she started to eat on her own and could come home. However, she had developed a rapid heart beat and had to have an echocardiogram by a specialist. She checked out alright and received a clean bill of health. I submitted three bills to VPI, the vet, the emergency vet and vet cardiologist. The customer service individuals couldn't have been nicer or more efficient My claim was paid in little over a month. The amount VPI reimbursed was very satisfactory. My male cat, Panda Bear, was born with a heart condition inherited from his parents. He had no symptoms but his sister died from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. He has the condition but it is controlled with medication. He receives a echocardiogram once a yeat and VPI pays 90%. It is very expensive. I am very satisfied with VPI and its worth the monthly payment.

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foreign body
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Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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