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I believe pet insurance is such a wonderful thing to have and I have recommended VPI numerous times. I have had pet insurance on my dog for many years and have, as she has gotten older, increased the coverage. She recently tore her ACL. After the diagnosis I immediately called VPI and spoke with a customer service rep who was so nice and very helpful. He went through the benefits with me and explained how the totals work. During prep for the surgery, the doctor found a tumor on her shoulder which was also removed at that time. VPI covered about half the cost which, while it's not 70% or 80% like most human health insurance plans, allowed us to make a very expensive set of surgries more affordable. The thing to remember is if you want 80-100% coverage with low deductibles, you'll pay a lot for premiums, just like human health insurance. If you just want some help for emergencies and more affordable premium costs, you don't get full reimbursements.

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ACL rupture
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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