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This is a great service that VPI offers. A lot of the problems i read about in the review section could have been resolved by simply reading the terms and agreements before signing up (i know often times people skip these, but for something such as this, it's very important you read ALL the details up front). You are going to have to pay up front, so keep a credit card with some room on it, you'll get your reimbursement check soon enough. (not to sound preachy here, but i made sure i completely read what was covered, and what was not. When i found out much they would cover, it was actually more than i was anticipating) My dog was diagnosed with Cancer, and they covered about $540 out of about $700 worth of claims. They would have covered more than $700, but that's what it ended up costing. They were even going to cover part of his radiation treatment (fortunately, he did not need it). They also treat each INCIDENT as a whole, so the $50 deductible applied to his diagnosis, all initial tests, and the surgery. You might not be able to go the vet of your choice and receive maximum coverage if your vet is pricier than others. But get your diagnosis, find out what your pet needs, and then call around for different prices. I use the veterinarian at the Humane Society, and from what i have noticed, they seem to be the cheapest around, and they are as professional as any more expensive vet i have ever been to. I recommend VPI to anyone i know with a pet. After the 2 years of monthly premiums i have paid, i have actually probably lost a little in the end, even after this last claim. But it's worth it for the piece of mind. A friend of mine asked her vet if she should get insurance, and the vet told her not till her dog was older. That year she had over a $1000 in vet bills. Her dog had a tumor at 6, and mine had one at 4. Young, Healthy dogs get sick, too.

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