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I have 3 dogs with VPI, the oldest has been insured for 12 years. We have the Superior plan and Cancer rider for each dog. I decided not to do the Routine Care because I would just be reimbursed what I spent. While the maximums on the Superior plan usually do not cover the full amount that the treatment costs, I have still gotten back more than I have paid them in premiums. If you don't read my full review, but read this - my oldest dog had a ruptured spleen 18 months ago. The emergency vet told us that the cost of treatment was very expensive and we should consider if we wanted to proceed. I told her that we had insurance for exactly this situation so that we did not have to consider the cost of a life-saving procedure. The total was around $5000 and VPI paid 75%. It is very important that your receipts break down every charge in to separate line items so that you get reimbursed not just for the diagnosis, but also for the procedure, the diagnostics, and the anesthesia. I was reimbursed the maximum on the Superior plan for a Ruptured Spleen AND a Splenectomy AND the Diagnostics and Anesthesia for both. Its crucial to itemize every detail. My oldest dog has had 4 mast cell tumors removed, 3 of which were malignant. You must have histology done on the removed growth to determine if it is malignant. The full cost of the benign lump was not covered by the Cancer rider, so that paid about 55% of the total. But the other 3 which were malignant were covered at a full 80% of the total. My second dog has fully torn both Cranial Cruciate Ligaments in her knees (ACL for humans) 1 year apart. We were reimbursed 70% under the Superior Plan for both a torn crucial ligament AND a TPLO procedure AND the diagnostics AND the anethesia. Again make sure everything is broken down so you get the maximum coverage. My youngest has an attitude problem and frequently gets bite wounds. On the Superior plan, we have been reimbursed for 65% of the cost of treating the wounds at various times. The lower percentage of reimbursement is due to the high cost of treatment at the emergency hospital. In this case, we made it clear that there were MULTIPLE bite wounds and that they were not just lacerations. Bite wounds cost more to treat than lacerations, so be specific and make sure anesthesia is a line item on the receipt. While I have not been reimbursed 100% for any incident, I have definitely gotten back more from VPI than I have paid in premiums for my 3 dogs over the course of their lives.

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