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My dog has had anal sacculitis and has been in and out of the vet for the past 6/8 weeks for treatment and ended up having surgery. I have submitted her claims after every visit or two and it is wonderful that Pet Plan are so expedient in processing the claim and issuing a check, in some cases within 10 days. It certainly helps when one has paid in advance for surgery or treatment to get monies back so quickly. I spoke with a customer service rep, Michael Bernfeld, as wanted to ensure that she would be covered to have her anal glands removed and had some other questions with regard to her claims. He was extremely helpful and professional. In fact, all the customer service reps have been great when I have had to call in and are knowledgeable and very customer service oriented. This is extremely important as obviously only times we would need to call in is when our pet is ill and need to ask questions. (Other insurance companies tend to say "we cannot give that answer until you send in the claim form!!)
I had Pet Plan in the UK prior to moving to the US and had other pet insurance before Pet Plan was available here. I was so thrilled when I discovered their insurance was here when I got my puppy. I only wish that Pet Plan in the US have third party liability that the UK one does, and their amounts for certain things are as much as they are in the UK but I know everything is relative.
Before my dog had surgery, I called Pet Plan to see if they could send a check d

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anal sacculitis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/12/2010

I have a policy with petplan, and read where anal sac removal was not covered. Just curious to know if there is any exceptions since you were able to have this procedure covered.