VPI sucks. It is all bottom line for them, they do

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I enrolled my 8 month old puppy and soon after he got 3 treatments for conjuctivitus, Giardia and something else. VPI denied all three claims even though it wouldn't have gone over my deductable anyway and they wouldn't have had to pay anything. The said it was a pre-exisiting condition.. so I am sure they will never cover any eye problem for my pup.. they will probably say that his conjunctivitus lead to more advanced eye problems if they arise. The also don't cover internal parasites... hmmm seems they don't cover stuff that is common.. but I bet they cover laser burns from alien assualt rifles (just in case the Earth is attacked by aliens.. my pet would be covered). I also had their best coverage plan and still they denied my claims. My advice.. instead of giving VPI money each money for nothing.. put that money into a savings account for your pet and use that to pay it's vet bills. Bye VPI, I hope more people leave your "services" in the dust too.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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