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I have been a dog lover my whole life, and i swore that after my last dog that i put down at the age of 16 1/2, i would never get another pet. Much to my dismay, 5 days after I put my dog to sleep, a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of there dog before they went on vacation. How someone could give away a pet that is 6 yrs. old i don't know. Well i took the shitz su changed his name to Buddy, he adapted very well, got him pet insurance, but the one and only time the prior owners took this boy to the vet, cost me pre-existing conditions. Just like with humans if you pay for insurance you should be covered for everything, he recently had bladder stones, and it has cost me 2 visits and one surgery later over $2,000.00. Buddy has early cataracts, and they excluded everything that has to do with his eyes. Something has to be done because not everyone has the money to afford these visits, medications and surgery. I am not very happy with the insurance and i don't really know if its worth it.

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