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I have had insurance with VPI for 10 years - since Shelby was a few months old. At 10 years of age, Shelby was diagnosed with Lymphoma & a mast cell tumor in February, 2010. Fortunately, I also purchased the cancer rider. It was only an additional 10.00 per year but it has really increased the amount that I've been reimbursed on Shelby's chemo treatments. I constantly read articles about how pet insurance is a waste of money but I am proof that it has been worth every penny I've paid for it! I will never not have pet insurance again. I can not say enough good things about VPI! I also love that when I call customer service, who ever answers the phone, asks me how Shelby is. It makes me feel like they really do care about us. I wish every company I have to deal with had such great customer service. I know the economy is bad right now but if you really want to provide the best for your fur-kid, I highly suggest that everyone should get pet insurance.

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Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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