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We have two 5-year-old boxers. One has VPI, one does not. Guess which dog has had the highest medical expenses? That's right, Mr. Not Insured. I don't have a good reason for one being on and one not--I just guess I never got around to insuring the second dog. Anyways, the dog with VPI is the second one we have had insured with them. The first one passed away very young from a fungal infection. His bills were outrageous and VPI probably reimbursed us for about a third of what we laid out during that difficult time. Current insured dog has not had many claims--mostly check ups and flea preventive, etc. To be honest, if I really looked at premium payout vs. reimbursements I am not sure I'd be ahead with either dog. but I guess I feel like I am hedging against some huge mysterious bet, like cancer maybe? But isn't that what insurance is all about? Anyways, I have never had trouble with a VPI claim and they have always been paid out quickly. I cannot say anything about customer service because I have never had to enlist their help with anything--it has pretty much been smooth sailing. So like other reviewers have said--do your homework and make sure it is really the right thing for your situation.

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check ups, asthma
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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