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After shelling out some serious cash for an emergency vet visit last year, I started my research on pet insurance. Like you, my research lead me to this site and a host of pet forums and stuff. After comparing the plans in great detail for several months, I signed up for PetPlan.
Our family went on vacation last month and we left our dog in the capable hands of a local upscale kennel. When we returned home, she had a running nose. The kennel said that some of the dogs were experiencing the same symptoms, buy nothing to worry about - keep an eye on it. Our dog's condition gradually worsened. She was stumbling on the lawn and fell over when we went for a walk. I immediately called the vet hospital and she was admitted. She was treated for 4 days with IV antibiotics and oxygen. According to the vet, she had contracted CIV which progressed into Pneumonia. She's doing very well now. and so is my WALLET thanks to PetPlan.

The total vet bill was over $3500. As per my plan, I was reimbursed EVERY SINGLE PENNY less my $100 deductable. I will admit that after reading all the horror stories from the other insurance carriers, I was somewhat apprehensive about making the commitment to buy the plan. I was also wondering whether PetPlan would honor the terms of the policy if, god forbid, something happens. I'm writing this review to let everyone else know that PetPlan pays, without any hassled, red tape, phone calls or emails.

PetPlan is the one. Now go buy it!

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CIV and Pneumonia
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Over $1000

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1 - 8

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