leg surgery on 7 month old puppy paid

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I have never had pet insurance, and have not owned a dog for many years. I compared companies and had one recommendation for Trupanion. Due to price, I went with them. My 7 month old Pembroke Corgi had a limp that had not gotten better and had a diagnosis where one of his leg bones was not growing. This meant major surgery. And I got him from a highly recommended AKC breeder. Trupanion was very quick to review and pay. They cover 90% less other visits that are not covered. It came to around 15% that was not covered.
Advise to pet owners on the fence re. getting insurance. If the dog is an investment and a major part of the family, think about getting the insuracne from the first day. I thought the leg issue would be just a sprain or something- Who knew. Surgery is giving my puppy the best option for a good future.

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