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We lost a German Shepherd female at only 4 years of age due to a spinal problem that this breed "never gets" and expensive neuro surgery didn't repair the problem despite the fact that there supposedly is an 80% success rate. We soon replaced her with another female, who was discovered to have bi lateral hip dysplasia when being neutered. My vet had recommended pet plan. She has had surgery on only one of her hips; but it has been a success so far. Petplan paid for the bulk of the related expense, for which we were very grateful. The only things that Petplan should change (which it currently is working on) are eliminating the reduced coverage for specialists, veterniary specialty hospitals and teaching hospitals; but I'm told they are in the process of doing this. The should also make a normal wellness policy or rider available at additional expense, since things like spaying aren't covered even though they save the insurer money if neutering is done before the dog's first heat, due to a greatly reduced chance of breast cancer if the surgery is performed at that time.

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bi lateral hip dysplasia
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Over $1000

German Shepherd

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Posted: 07/05/2010

So sorry about your pup! I have a GSD, and am thinking about getting PetPlan. I was wondering if you had insurance before you discovered the hip issues, and whether PetPlan was able to still cover you according to your policy because of it.

Posted: 03/05/2015

Hi we just got a new puppy and are in the middle of looking into VPI insurance but I'm so on the fence. I had wished we had got it are last one.Reading your review confused me based on all the ones i have looked at hip dysplasia isn't covered nor DM which my GSD died from at 9 and they also don't cover bloat three big issues a GSD has. I would just be buying basic.So how was hers covered?