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I discovered that Trupanion doesn't cover a vet visit unless the vet DOES something like take blood or give medicine. So, when my dog started yelping and was unable to walk in the park, the visit to the vet was not paid because the vet found nothing wrong and the dog was no longer yelping. They ignored that the vet spent a good deal of time checking my dog over from head to foot to be sure.
Then they refused to pay for allergies even though no allergies have been found. The records indicated that an ear infection COULD BE a seasonal allergy so now they wont pay for any allergic conditions.

In fact, they've only paid for a crisis situation when the dog suddenly started vomiting and became dehydrated and we didn't know why.

This seems to be emergency only insurance although it's not supposed to be.

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Posted: 03/23/2011

trupanion is a joke and their third party "independent" review???? - done by a vet that gets paid by trupanion!!!!

Posted: 06/08/2010

I don't understand the allergy claim. I thought they covered those. I would love a Trupanion person to chime in.

Posted: 06/09/2010

If you read their policy it very clearly states that they don't pay for office visits...I have had their coverage and compared to anything else out there, trupanion is truly the best. It was recommended to me by my vet and 2 people I met in the dog park!

Posted: 06/18/2010

If the only item on an invoice is an exam fee, coverage can’t apply as it is a direct exclusion in our policy. Where our coverage comes into play is if based on that exam, the vet advises testing, medications or surgery for the presenting complaint. By not paying exam fees, we are able to pay out 90% on the testing/meds/surgery, which are the more expensive parts of the bill, and keep premiums as low as possible. If we covered exam fees, that would affect the cost of premiums that people pay per month. In regards to the allergy issues, ear infection are a common symptom of a pet with allergic conditions. As such, having had ear infection(s) prior to enrolling can lead to a denial for allergy claims.
We do have a third party independent review process in case you believe your claim was incorrectly processed. Call us to discuss your options.
Kim - Trupanion does cover claims for allergies if there are no signs of the condition being present prior to the policy inception date.

Posted: 06/19/2010

Their policy clearly states this is an injury/illness policy only. They do not cover office visits or anything routine like vaccines.