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I simply cannot say enough about this company! If only humans could have this level of customer service, care, premium cost and compensation!
Our dog was abandoned and 'walked' into our life with no collar and underweight. We hadn't had a dog in 10 years and I had no idea of current costs. At the dog park there were several people talking about their experience with pet insurance companies,(I had never heard of it), so I researched AT LEAST 7 companies, compared rates but was sold when I called Embrace. I spoke to a 'live person' who answered questions I didn't even know I had until she started informing me of all they offered.

Kodo (mixed Rotty & ?) developed an allergy that involved many visits to the vet within the first few months of coverage and they covered it so well. But the most surprising and most AMAZING fact is they are also covering Kodo's accupuncture treatments!!! He has a possible torn ACL and after researching all the pros & cons of surgery, I knew there had to be another way. I found a terrific new, ultra-forwarding thinking vet whose methods are working without surgery. I was concerned Embrace wouldn't cover the charges and was worried how to fit these treatments into our budget but that isn't a concern anymore!!! I am so confident in Kodo's coverage that a lot of stress has been alleviated.

I wish Embrace would advertise more or at least send out promo material to every vet they receive a claim from. I talk about them everywhere there are animals and owners! We chose the premium coverage & it is still less than a tank of gas for my vehicle! You can't receive better insurance anywhere else.

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