A real life-saver for my health-challenged dog!

Out of 10

I had my Auggie, beloved standard poodle – and first ever dog – for almost 11 years, thanks in no small part to PetSecure’s financial support for Auggie’s considerable health issues. While he was completely healthy as a little pup, as he aged Auggie developed Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, bladder stones, and ultimately a heart murmur, ataxia (back leg weakness, likely the aftereffects of a minor spinal cord deformity or injury), and high blood pressure and related blindness. I had a whole ‘team Auggie’ of generalist and specialist vets – including Traditional Chinese medicine specialists and acupuncturists – providing advice, support, and medication to keep him as healthy and active as possible, again with financial support from PetSecure. As a result, Auggie’s quality of life was very, very high, better (my vets have told me) than any other dog they knew afflicted with just ONE of Auggie’s conditions. My happy boy made friends throughout our Toronto neighbourhood, was described by one local merchant as a ‘well-respected member of the community’, and is now memorialized in a commemorative oak tree planted in our favourite ravine – meaning that he’ll continue to benefit our community for years to come. That initial puppy policy I purchased was an essential investment in Auggie’s viability throughout his life span: I could never have managed without the reimbursements for treatments and support. I will forever be grateful to PetSecure, and when my heart has healed and I have a new puppy, will invest in PetSecure insurance again.

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