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Do not use this insurance company! I had been a loyal customer for 10 years - automatic payment - never late. They sent me a letter asking for a renewed expiration date on my CC card for the monthly payments, which I called in and gave them this information. Then about a year later, I submitted a claim and they said I was not a customer! Why didn't they contact me a second time to get my CC information? One time shot and that was it! I have been fighting them ever since and have had it! they are not flexible at all and their appeals department refused my story time and time again, even thought I had the original letter asking them for the information and the date in which I provided them the CC information. There are no exceptions and they DON'T cover congenital or hereditary conditions - which many other insurance companies do! DO NOT USE THEM!

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Posted: 05/25/2009

PetHealth, PetCare, 24PetWatch definitely covers congenital and hereditary conditions. Please read your terms and conditions, this company is one of the very few companies out there that DOES cover these conditions. Please post facts only, not something that you dreamt about last night.

Posted: 05/29/2009

most of the people who complain have purchased peril policies with limited coverage, and chose to pay a lesser premium for very little coverage. these people need to take responsibility for what it is they are buying and read their terms and conditions. PetCare is the best insurance out there and i insure many of my own pets with them. dont waste your money on the cheap plans, you need full coverage plans to have coverage when you need it.

Posted: 09/23/2009

Hey Reg Ins Broker seems like you work for the company. I am shopping around and with these reviews I am definitely convinced that the customer service is garbage for his company. Only brain dead losers go around making insulting comments like that. Go dream about how to give better CS.

Posted: 01/04/2010

I had Quickcare 90% for just under a year and i submitted my first claim and was denied after 20 business days, it was for $2000 (thats a really long time to not know if your getting 2k back). When i signed up for the policy i explained that my cat had uti's and blockages in the past. They told me my cats urinary problems would be covered before i signed up. Sure enough my cat had a bladder stone and needed emergency surgery. Clearly they dont mind if they fib a litte. So i for one wouldnt give them credit for not going by there "terms and conditions". They told me the urinary restrictions were in my listed restrictions which it was not. Then a week or two after i was denied i get new paperwork with restrictions. They claim it was because after your first claim you submit they underwrite your policy for restrictions. They just make things up as they go along. Dont ever trust what they say or what is in writing apparently!