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Unfortunately VPI’s promises that they pay on average 80% of vet fees is misleading at best. For one thing, their benefit schedule is based on what they think a procedure should cost, they then reimburse 80% of that number. So, for instance a $180 dog bite for one of my dogs was reimbursed at $90. A broken leg, which unfortunately my puppy suffered 2 weeks ago, costs $1400 according to VPI. In reality, the tab is about $4000. Even worse is their fine print. When I called to find out how to submit the bills for my puppy’s leg I was informed that they don’t cover broken legs in the first year! I still can’t find this clause in my paperwork! I would also like to note that I have carried the insurance for well over 2 years but was told that since my pup is only 5 months old that is the number they use to determine how long I’ve had the insurance. Outrageous. Luckily for us we were able to afford the procedure but I can only imagine how devastating VPI’s tactics can be to a family that cannot afford expensive procedures for their pet (and pay for insurance to make sure they can afford them!!!). My vet was absolutely shocked when I told him that the procedure was not covered. His assistants also told me that they have heard many, many complaints about VPI

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