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It's been over two months and still our claims have NOT been paid. My wife purchased this "VPI Superior" from her work and has been paying the premiums for about a year. We used it for the first time in Dec. 08 as my dog needed to have some lumps removed and he had an infected pocket in his right paw. We filed the claims with our vet's assistance. The Vet's office called the insurance company before the procedures to determine what was and what was not covered. The procedures were done and the claims filled per VIP's instructions. Since the claims were filed we have recieved two letters stating the faxes (medical history from the vet's office)were not recieved. The Vet sent them in again and have both fax delivery reciepts. When we contacted VIP they claimed they still did not have the records needed to review the claim. My wife sent them the fax reciepts from the vet. The next letter we recieved from VIP was an appology letter stating that the review process was held up because of the volume of claims they were processing. The next letter we received was a denial for a portion of the claim "allergic dermatitis" (which was caused by the shaving of the surgical area). They claimed it was present prior to our policy affective date. We will contact them again and try to iron out this portion of the claim. Is this a scam company? So far all indications point to one answer YES. I will keep posting as the story unfolds good or bad.

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