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My wife and I signed up all four of our pets for insurance, and just over a month later, had our two Great Pyrenees dogs shaved down for the Spring. (They have extremely heavy coats). After they were shaved down, we discovered several small lumps on the female that we did not feel when she had her full coat. We immediately went to our vets and scheduled a biopsy. She had a total of eight lumps removed. We originally were not going to turn in a claim for this, but our vet suggested that we should, just so the insurance company would have a record of it in the event this happened again in the future. My wife called and spoke to our wonderful agent, Suzanne Metzger, who was so kind and empathetic and told us how to file a claim.
The process was simple and we were happy to have the information on file for future reference.

Imagine our suprise when shortly after we filed, a check arrived in the mail for almost $600.00! We were astounded at the promptness with which our claim was handled and how smooth the process was.

Thank you so much! We feel very secure knowing that our pets have such great coverage! We did extensive research before choosing Petplan and this just goes to show that we made the right choice!

P.S. Suzanne is the best!

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Cyst removal and diagnostic
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Great Pyrenees

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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