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I'd like to express my appreciation of and satisfation with the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan and the individuals who administer it. I have two dogs that have benefited from this insurance; they both have had instances where extensive testing and/or procedures had to be performed, and this insurance ensured that they were able to receive the care they needed. Furthermore, the claim forms are extremely easy to fill out and submit - and being able to do this on-line ensured that they were immediately received by the insurance group and processed without undue delay. Finally, I was able to to reach actual individuals on the telephone and have questions answered when this was necessary.
I couldn't be more satisfied with my insurance, the plan options, and again, the personnel that administer it. I would urge anyone with pets to get ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Having it has brought peace of mind when we've been faced with some frightening health issues with our pets. Thanks!

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