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I signed on with VPI for my Golden and Toller over 8 years ago after my husbands uninsured Aussie had so many expensive end of life issues. I carry double the cancer indemnity for my golden (because cancer is rampant in goldens) and I locked in the puppy rate for life. As a new dog owner, I was always runing to the vet to see what my golden had eaten THIS time! I am grateful for VPI to have covered all my panicky 'emergency' visits. I was also glad to have had insurance after my Toller cracked a tooth in half and had to have it surgicaly removed. Saved me a couple hundred dollars on that one! They even covered the acupuncture for my Toller after he sprained his back chasing a ball at high speed. I read an article once in Consumer Reports saying one might be better off putting the dollars spent on monthly premiums away in an account to use for big emergencies--but who has the discipline to do that? Certainly not me. I would totally recommend VPI. As with any insurance its a gamble - you hope you really never have to use it - but it comes in very handy when you do.

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