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I'll be renewing my Petplan policy for my 1-yr-old dog this spring, because they honored my claims when my other dog, an 11-yr-old, got cancer. She'd been insured with Pet Plan less than a year. She died of pleural effusion (fluid in her chest cavity), most likely due to mesothelioma (a kind of cancer). I thought they'd try to welsh on it because she'd had a cough off and on for a few years before she got sick.
My vets were certain there was no connection, and I was really pleased that Pet Plan didn't challenge the claim. I received a check for the entire amount due me, as per the plan I signed up for. (I did send them info that the dog had died just before the claim was approved.)

One small complaint: I included information that the dog had died on the 3rd and last claim form I submitted. However, I still got the form letter letter with the claim wishing that my dog would "soon be on her paws." Ouch!

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Posted: 04/27/2010

P.S. I just received a second check from Pet Plan, along with a letter expressing sympathy for my dog's death. I got more than I expected from this company, and I'm re-rating it 10/10. Thank you, Pet Plan.