in memory of my dog Rock-it

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When my dog Rock-it got hold a a sparerib bone during a walk thru the neighborhood a piece evidently splintered and he had emergency surgery to remove the piece. VPI reimbursed much of the 800 dollars. When he developed a bladder infection and had to be fixed VPI was there with a timely reimbursement in his last year of life Rock-it had 2 emergency surgeries and I was taken care of by VPI. And when he passed away his cremation was reimbursed by VPI as well. Now I have 2 rescues Bully and Conrad and they are both insured with VPI. Altho Bully had pre existing thyroid and allegy issues that are not covered I do rest easier knowing that should one of my pets need emergency care or should they need surgery that many illnesses are covered and I am able to give them the best care available due to their VPI coverage. Although I would have found a way to give my Rock-it the care he needed it was a relief to know I would be reimbursed bty VPI. I am happy with the service and find it well worth the few dollars a month it costs to know my digs will get the care they need should they need it. My vet says a lot of people end up putting their dogs down because they can't afford treatments that are covered under VPI. Deborah Grinager

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