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I worked for a Veternarian for the last 5 years, so, I never thought I would need Pet Insurance as we get a very nice discount for our pets. Last year my Pit Bull need surgery on her hip and knee which had to be done by an Orthopedic Specialist, my Vet could not do the surgery the end result was it cost me $5000.00 out of pocket. Had I had insurance with my current carrier PET PLAN OF USA, It would have covered 70 percent. I researched all of the plans and PET PLAN USA has the best. I also work now for an Emergency Animal Hospital and I recommend this insurance to all clients, many who come in ending up leaving with a $3,000-$4,0000 bill or worse those who cannot afford to treat their pet and have to euthanize them. PLEASE GET PET INSURANCE, it can cost as little as $13.00 per month. VET CARE IS ONLY GOING TO GO UP!!!

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