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My 6 year old Shih Tzu had been through many eye problems since she was a puppy including a corneal graft and a flap. The vet bills were enoumous and I was able to arrange for financing. After that I knew they would not cover her for a pre existing weakness but I felt after this experience I should have her insured for any other illness or accident because it would not easy for me to pay for any other emergencies. I took out the insurance and two years later I did have an emergency with her. An enlarged heart without any symptoms until it was too late. I submitted my bills to my insurance company and they reimbursed me for partial expenses and that eased the financial burden. I now have a new little Shih Tzu 4 months old and have her insuraned. I know if she should have an emergency, illness or accident my financial obligation will be partially covered. We also have a cat on the policy (he is 7 years old)and luckily we have not had to use it. I would recommend the insurance. It is there when you need it the most.

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