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My Chesapeake Retriever, Frodo, is 6 years old and has never really had any health problems previously. In December, literally right before Christmas, he managed to bite off a fragment of something he found in the back yard and swallow it. He stopped eating, and long story short, had to have surgery to remove the piece which has become lodged in his intestines.
While I was at the animal emergency clinic, I saw a pamphlet for ASPCA Pet Insurance. I had never considered getting any pet insurance because I had heard negative things about it in general....that everything was excluded, etc.

But, after that $3000 experience, I decided to give ASPCA a shot, and signed up immediately thereafter. And thank heavens I did.

Not 3 weeks later, Frodo managed to ingest a ziplock bag of Motrin, which as you know, is very toxic to a dog. I took him to the same emergency clinic, where he was hospitalized for three nights while they stabilized him. The whole time, I'm thinking to myself "ASPCA is never going to pay this claim.....I just signed up!"

But, I submitted the claim the day Frodo came home from the hospital, and about 3 weeks later received my check, and in the amount I was expecting. It ended up saving me about $1200 that I would have been out of pocket on after only a single premium payment!

So, I have nothing but good things to say about these people...they do what they say they're going to do and you can depend on them when all you really want to have to worry about is your pet and his health. I would recommend ASPCA Pet Insurance heartily to ANYONE with a pet and who wants peace of mind.

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