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Well, so far very few of the services I've needed for my dog have been covered. I hesitate to submit my claims because I know I'm going to get the form letter saying how sorry the company is to give me the news that nothing I submitted will be covered. The services either took place before meeting my deductible or were considered "pre-existing conditions" which is extremely frustrating. Not sure it's worth the money, may consider just creating a savings account to cover future expenses.

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Posted: 05/20/2010

Companies are not going to pay until you meet your deductible! That's one of the clearest point in any insurance plan-pet or human! I don't think it's fair to give a poor rating to a company becuase they're not bending the rules for you. IT shouldn't have taken much research to see that there was a deductible and that they don't cover pre-existing conditions. That's par for the course with almost all pet insurance companies! That's exactly like giving them a poor rating becuase they wouldn't pay a claim you filed before your standard waiting period was up.