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I have been very unhappy with the decisions that Embrace has made on what they would cover. My dog had an ear infection after we joined and then another 6 mos later and they said that this was a chronic/preexisting condition and wouldn't pay. I spoke to an account rep and told them that if my child had 2 ear infections a year the insurance company would not consider this a pre-existing condition. Also I submitted a claim dated December and waited to hear from the company. No paperwork came back. I called the company and they said that the claim was not being paid out because it would go toward the deductible. I explained that the insurance goes from April to April and they agreed and I did recv a check but if I had not called up and asked the question they would not have sent me any explaination of benefits. Embrace also called up my vet's office to see when I made an appointment (we had a 15 day waiting period), they recd some information from the office, denied my claim and when I asked the vet about it he said that he had never heard of such a thing, and that his office didn't keep such records. I called Embrace and they said that because they felt that the appt was made a day before the waiting period ended it was a pre-existing condition. I would say that you would need to be very careful in choosing Embrace as your carrier.

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