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I have VPI pet insurance for my 2 dogs, and several months ago, added our 2 cats. My experiance with VPI is that they have been fair, and have answered all of my qustions and paid claims promptly.It is important as consumers that we read "the fine print". I was shocked to find that our dog, "Lucy's"original claim was denied as "not covered" the first 12 months of her policy.It was an ACL rupture of her rear right leg. I had No IDEA how common this injury is, as I had never really heard of it much before. The 12 month exclusion is stated clearly in the "fine print" as well as on their web site.The vet said it would not harm Lucy further to wait until she was "covered" by her VPI policy. We waited the additional4-6 weeks for the surgical repair. VPI paid the claim promtly. I believe it was at close to 75-80% of the bill!I completely understand why VPI has the 12 month waiting period on this injury. Otherwise people who have pets with this injury can then sign up for the insurance and put in a claim very shortly after. I should have read the entire policy. I was pleased to find out that the surgery WAS covered once Lucy had her policy in place for 12 months , even though the injury occurred during the "waiting period". Once again, I have found VPI to be fair and their Customer Service Dept. to be very helpful.

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