Hartville is the Bernie Madoff of Pet Insurance!

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Hartville Group is the Bernie Madoff of Pet Insurers! I have had this pet insurance since my 2 puppies were 4 months old. Never placed a claim with them for the first 10 years of my dogs lives. Unfortunately one of my little ones (maltese) got sick this past July, 2009 and just passed away Dec 2, 2009 @ the age of 11 1/2. Their insurance policy ran from August to July so it was renewed August, 2009 and now they refuse to pay the refund because of the "pre-existing condition in a prior insurance period." I made sure those dogs health insurance was paid while I was unemployed and for what?! Being treated like this! I don't think so. I'm considering legal action and would like to hear from anyone else interested in joining me. I'm also going to FACEBOOK, TWITTER and post anywhere and everywhere I can so this information goes viral on how corrupt this company is! I'm also going to inform the VCA and every other veterinary medical school and pca about this company. They were happy to take my $11K over the past 11 years for these dogs yet don't pay anything back in return? I think not! Please post if you wish to join me in letting every pet owner in the United States and world wide NOT to insure with HARTVILLE Group! (The Bernie Madoff of Pet Insurers!)

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