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Hi PetPlan,I would like to commend you on your good service. One night my dog, Bille-Holiday, ravaged our dry raisin supply (at least a cup). I had never heard that raisins and grapes are potentially very toxic. Before going to bed I knew that I would be waking up a few more times in the night by a dog with indigestion. Rather than wake me up to go out, she woke me up for water. She drank at least three bowls in a row. Then she went to the bathroom outside and drank another bowl...I have never seen Billie act this way or move so sluggishly. Curious, at 3am, I looked up raisins + dog. The answer made me call the animal hospital who told me I needed to call poison control. I spoke with their vet on duty. They gave me the diagnosis and I called a taxi in order to get to the animal hospital. Billie had to go through 3 days, 2 nights of dialysis in an attempt to flush out the raisins from her system; because, raisins can cause renal failure. The whole thing cost me a lot of money that was supposed to go toward rent and a class at a college. I faxed all the necessary documents to PetPlan and it took only two weeks to get the proper percent reimbursement.

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