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Our female lab mix had several episodes as a puppy eating the wrong things and at one point the vet wanted to do an emergency $3000 exploratory surgery. We decided to seek a second opinion and it turned out to be a false alarm but that was when we decided we needed pet insurance just to cover emergencies. Well, 4 years passed without a single issue and I had contemplated cancelling the policy several times but luckly did not. This summer Bear was severely injured in a freak accident on the beach and damaged her spinal cord. We sought emergency care out of town and then, when it was safe for her to travel in the car, were referred back to our hometown to a Neurologist. It was a 2 1/2 week nightmare not knowing if she would ever regain function of her back legs but she is totally recovered and back to her happy, healthy self. Our bill for the Neurologist was $1,904 and we were reimbursed $1,440, the difference being our co-pay and deductible. We are delighted and so very grateful to Pets Best for coming through when we needed their help. This has enabled us to provide compassionate proper health care that we may not have been able to afford to a creature so dear to our hearts.

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Spinal cord contusion with disk involvement
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

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1 - 8

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