My Pack Without Pet Plan OH NOOOO

Out of 10

That's right. I will go crazy if I didn't have PetPlan behind my back. During the 2 years I think I have used them I too many times, but they still stayed by my side and gave me all the support I needed. One of my dogs got attacked twice by another dog with multiple wounds and lacerations. Another one, one of my little dogs almost got killed by a bulldog and needed two reconstructive surgeries. Another one of my dogs who recently passed away was under treatment for kidney failure for almost the whole time I have had the pet insurance. PetPlan has been great at answering back any questions I have and they are quick at refunding the expenses after deductions. The staff is very cortious and very helpful ALWAYS. I have tried other companies and they are either too basic or they always come up with some story why they shouldn't refund you the money. PetPlan really cares.
Thanks for being there by my side!

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Renal (kidney)

Multiple lacerations and puntures
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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