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Update: griff had his first annual visit since I signed up with pumpkin. This was also my first claim. The online claim process was so simple. Within 2 hours I had a response which it was initially declined. His vet does a lump sum annual vaccines and exam combined. A quick email to pumpkin and within 30 minutes had a response saying I did actually meet the reimbursement requirements under the preventive plan and I will get the 50 dollars in 4-6 days. I honestly can't say enough about the customer service. Please don't ever change what you guys are doing right. I praise you guys to any of my friends who own pets or anyone considering a pet. Griff wasn't happy with the vet visit but I was.
We just received our first 6 months of revolution. They have been very good at communicating with my vet and keeping me updated on the process. I have not filed a claim yet but from the customer service side I am very pleased.

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