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Pets Best used to be a great insurer. They were so quick at processing claims and the customer service was exceptional - you could always get an answer within the same day, often the same hour (via phone, email, or chat). However, last year things started to get bad. Claims are still very easy to submit! But, my rates jump considerably every year, and claims processing now take over a month. At first, they blamed it on COVID-19, but now that is just how long it takes. I have had claims denied and they will not respond to my attempts to understand why. In fact, the only way to get ahold of them is to call an 877 number and sit on hold for hours, or to submit a response to their chat operator (which never operates) and to never receive a response. I would cancel my policy today but I am still waiting for them to process a claim I submitted weeks ago which I do not want to jeopardize. I would not recommend Pets Best to any pet owner. You will pay much too much for far too little.

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Posted: 09/17/2020

Hi, we understand your concern and are in the process of expanding our staff which is difficult with hiring freeze due to covid. We appreciate your patience.