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I am a proud father of two beautiful mixed dogs (Sparky 11yrs, Roxy 4yrs), both dogs are insured with Petplan. About a month ago, my 11 year old Springer Spaniel (Sparky) started limping, favoring one leg over the other, her mobility has been getting slower, but now it was really noticeable. I took her in to the Vet's office after x-rays, blood tests, ext.. the diagnosis was confirmed. She has DJD / Osteoarthritis. Petplan was there for Sparky. Sparky is in good hands, with Petplan she is covered for life! If not for Petplan I would not be able to afford to give her the care she now requires of me, Petplan has always been there for my family. They answer any question I have (no matter how minuscule), they are compassionate, understanding, people If you are looking for pet insurance, I urge you to shop around. I did, and you will find out exactly what I did- there is not a single Pet Insurance Company that compares to Petplan. They take care of you, your pet, your pocket book. They will be there for you. I give you my word!
I talk about Petplan to every person I see with a pet, I tell them my stories, my experience’s. I tell them to “pick up the phone and talk to them; You’ll see what I mean.”

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