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In April of 2008 My Daughter got her 1st puppy He was a beautiful energentic papillon his name is Niko. My daughter new I had my dogs on a pet plan called VPI which was the worst ins plan out there I came to relize later. she asked me which one she should go with VPI or PETPLAN I said it was her decission. well in June of 2008 niko was only 6 months old when his horific accident occured. he took a leap out the moving car window while still attached to his leash. They stopped and he was bleeding real bad. well to make a long story short the back tire of the car must of caught his tail and amputated it along with alot of his back end. he was rushed to the emg animal hospital not sure how he would survive this the Dr said what do you want to do. My daughter said she just took an $8000.00 PET PLAN policy out on him 2 weeks ago so we said go ahead and do what you could to save him. That bill was over 6500.00 all said and done and was compleatly reinburresed back to us from PET PLAN INS. with 30days. Niko by the way came thru with amazing flying colors just tailless. If it wasent for my daughters choice to pick pet plan Niko might not have been here with us today a happy loving 2yr old. after all this I switched both my shepherd and Lab over to pet plan now too and all I have to say is I only get 100% great response from them. It was the best decission I have ever made to switch to PETPLAN thy are the absolute best out there...........I recomend them to every pet owner I know.....

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