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I am very pleased with VPI. I have 2 Italian greyhounds with VPI policies. This breed has very long, slender legs and when my Allie broke her leg, VPI was very helpful in covering the costs. She needed a plate put in her leg and VPI was timely in processing the claim for this surgery. Following her surgery, Allie didn't heal well and she needed physical therapy. I didn't think VPI covered physical therapy, so I didn't submit these costs, which amounted to $1,000. Then, VPI contacted me to ask me how their service was and I told them that my experience was positive, but I wished they covered physical therapy. Imagine my surprise when they promptly contacted me to tell me that they DO, in fact, cover physical therapy. I was extremely happy that they were honest in telling me this and I have just submitted a claim for Allie's physical therapy. I'd always find a way to give my pets anything they needed, but VPI makes it a lot easier to do that.

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