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ASPCA PET INSURANCE!!RUN! RUN! RUN! DON’T TRUST THEM!!!! THEY WILL GIVE YOU ONE HECK OF A SALES PITCH, THEN SAY THEY CAN FIND THE RECORDED CONVERSATION!! DON’T TRUST THEM..NOT WITH YOUR BABY!!!! RUN, DON’T BUY, GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY!! THE OTHER COMPANIES ARE ALL BETTER THAN THIS ONE…PET-SMARTING IS HOW YOUR CHARGE WILL APPEAR…TREMINDS ME OF LYING TELEMARKETERS!!!They do not disclose facts for coverage. They charged my account on the 6th of February but decided to change coverage to 2/15/2010 so that they would not have to pay. They also denied a claim on 3/18 for the reason of falling within 30 days (not even disclosing)and after I pointed out it was longer than 30 days they changed to pre-existing. When I inially called no preesisting issues were discussed. They claim they cover meds but don’t expect the vet bill to write the prescriptions to be covered..even if it is a vet approval/prescibed needed medication. They claim it was preexisting but he didnt pre exist, he was a puppy!! I called 8 times and email 5 times and until I decided to deny charges, I never received a call. How can alleries be a pre-existing issue on a brand new puppy? If they cover Revalution, a prescribed med for fleas, heatworms, etc..than why wouldn’t they cover his 1st visit to the doctors as an annual exam. They say they cover meds, but don’t expect it…,.,$500.00 later and The best plan they offer at almost $80.00 a month and absolutly nothing execpt a little towards the $100.00 deductible was covered.

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brand new pupppy and they claim all in preexisting or change codes to preven coverage
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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