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Last year I took out PetPlan to cover my 4 year old boxer. Unfortunately, he passed away from seisures which he had before the plan was bought. I had taken it out to cover other unrelated illnesses. I called PetPlan and they refunded all my money with no questions. So, this year after adopting 2 Rescue Boxers, I took it out again. I made it clear that they were Rescues Dogs. We got Tango (male) in February. In June a skin tumor came up on his rear. The fee to remove it including the tests was over $600 which Pet Plan paid most of. Then in May we rescued Angie. I took the insurance out on her right after bringing her home. In October, she tore a cruciate ligament in her knee. The surgery was over $3,000. At first the claims were denied. When I inquired as to why. I was told that I had not gotten her exaimed during the first 30 days of the policy. However, I did have her exaimed 12 days before I took out the policy. I also explained that the waiting period was 14 days and was then told that it covered all accidents and illness except knee injuries. Of course, I couldn't control when she injured her knee. According to what I was told, a lot of folks are trying to take out insurance on a pre-exsisting knee injuries. Pet Plan has a new underwriter. The plan Angie is covered by is different from Tango. Because of my vets notes, (my vet took very good notes) and Angie having had several exaims the months between taking out the policy and the surgery, Pet Plan agreed

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