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I am an 8 year client of VPI covering my 2 WH Dachsunds since birth. Didn't have insurance on my 1st WH Dach.... when he blew a disk and required back surgery ($2000.00) AND at the end of his life with progressive kidney failure I regret not having it. Having said that..I have found VPI fair and resonable for the value of the Superior policies I have and continue to have with them. For the first few years I came short of reimbursement vs. policy at 9 years of age, I'm (for the most part)exceeding my policy premiums with medical reimbursements. I have found it helpful to submit as detailed a claim with Vet back-up information as a couple of my claims were incorrectly catagorized by VPI...but when presented with the detail, their re-review corrected their mistake and a fair reimbursement was made. I am surprised to read here of the "old" usual and customary schedule being used..and would hope that VPI addresses this immediatly. My real concern however is the reckless abandon that Vets are charging for most services...a recent "head" MRI for one of my Dachs including a one night stay came in at $1900.00 (VPI by the way reimbursed $1300.00 which I considered very fair)....I had the exact same MRI (on myself) for a hearing loss problem at a major metropolitan hospital 12 months ago and my insurance company was billed only $1500.00. Something's not right in the world of Vet charges. I buy pet insurance as a safety net for my pets...not expecting VPI or any company to fully remiburse for all of their medical and health expenses...and certainly not for $550.00 per year policy values! I'm also not excited about deep discount Vets...I recognize that my Vet is higher priced that I could find elsewhere...but I'm NOT prepared to compromise my pets health or drive to "Hooterville" to find a cheap Vet for their care. I trust my Vet and their staff implicitly regardless of what they charge, which is never cheap or reasonable. I'm satisfied with keeping my expectaions REAL when it comes to what the policies are meant to do, and more importantly NOT to do....and I hope that VPI gets the message about old or outdated proceedure lists....and if and when they do, I'm sure the premiums will realign too.

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